Caring For Air Plants

Air plants absorb water and nutrients through their leaves rather than their roots. In fact tillandsia's produce roots to anchor or stick themselves to something rather than absorbing water. Its important to understand when the plant needs water. Greener, smoother tillandia's are going to require more water and shade then the grey more fuzzy ones which require more heat and sun. For smoother greener varieties they should be lightly misted daily and soaked for 2-4 hours once a week. The fuzzy grey varieties can be misted or drenched weekly. These care instructions are for during the summer growing season. In the winter, especially if the plant is not getting much light you will want to cut that watering in half. During the growing season tillandsia will colour up nicely and even bloom! Once a tillandsia has bloomed the plant that flowered will slowly start to die, but don't panic! It takes a very long time for the mother to die and they produce lovely little baby pups at the base of the plant to produce a beautiful cluster of stunning plants. The bigger your cluster gets the more breathtaking the display!